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ONA Mist: Destroys Odours Anywhere. Everywhere

ONA mist aerosol cans are great for neutralising odours in your home or office. They are so handy, you can stash them anywhere, or use with ONA mist dispenser. The can delivers a fine mist of ONA as soon as the nozzle is pushed, with the fine spray quickly covering a wide area and neutralising any odorous molecules it comes into contact with.

Manual or Automatic Odour Control

The cans can be used manually or with an automatic mist dispenser unit to permanently eliminate airborne odours and allow automated odour control.

Safe to Use Around People Pets & Plants

ONA Mist is an odour neutraliser in aerosol form. It is a complex formula of essential oils, organically derived – industrial strength, yet safe for home or business and can be used around people pets and plants.

The mist comes conveniently packed in aerosol cans for use wherever odours occur. The cans hold 170 grams or 6 ounces, and are small enough to store practically anywhere.

ONA Mist Scents

Available in ProFresh Linen, Polar Crystal and the brand new Apple Crumble scents.


ONA mist is available in 170g size only (12 units per case)


0.26 Kg

Instructions for Use

Simply open lid and press down on nozzle to disperse a burst of odour neutraliser in the required location. Alternatively it can be inserted into the mist dispenser with the appropriate timed settings.

Also available from ONA to be used in conjunction with ONA mist:

Mist Dispenser – Portable. Controllable. Affordable.

The Mist dispenser is available at a really affordable price point. It has added controls – set it for night, day, or 24 hours – and it has three programmable spray intervals. Small and portable makes the mist dispenser an excellent devise for controlling odours in small areas.