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Bio·Grow® is a liquid growth fertilizer which can be applied to most types of soil and substrate mixtures....
Available amount: 8
Price: 7.50 EUR
Discount: 6.50 EUR
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Bio·Bloom™ is a complete liquid organic fertilizer which contains a small amount of nitrogen and enough...
Available amount: 4
Price: 8.00- EUR
Discount: 7.00- EUR
+ -  


Alg·A·Mic™ destresses the plant after overfeeding, deficiencies, plant diseases or after temperature differences....
Available amount: 18
Price: 8.50 EUR
Discount: 7.50 EUR
+ -  


Fish·Mix™ enables substrates to stimulate bacterial flora and accelerate growth. It is an infusion of organic fish...
Available amount: 14
Price: 8.50 EUR
Discount: 7.50 EUR
+ -  


Top·Max™ s a 100% organic flowering strengtheners which has the threefold purpose of increasing the actual size...
Available amount: 9
Price: 13.00- EUR
Discount: 12.00- EUR
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Root·Juice™ allows an optimal development of the roots of the plant. It moreover stimulates the growth of the...
Available amount: 15
Price: 12.00- EUR
Discount: 10.00- EUR
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Bio·Heaven™ improves the effects of all foliar sprays and fertilizers used to feed the plant. At the same time...
Available amount: 17
Price: 16.00- EUR
Discount: 15.00- EUR
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Leaf·Coat™ is a ready-to-use product that strengthens the plant en protects the plant against unwanted insects...
Available amount: 1
Price: 10.00- EUR
Discount: 9.00- EUR
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Contains: 1000 ml Bio·Bloom™ 1000 ml Bio·Grow® 500 ml Top·Max™ 250 ml Bio·Heaven™ 250 ml Root·Juice™...
Price: 54.50 EUR
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